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Our Europe Adventure

I was reminded last weekend that not all of my blog readers are Facebook friends–so I need to blog more for them!

As many of you know, two weeks ago Jason and I returned from a two week dream vacation in Europe. We flew from Denver to London and visited London, Paris, Vienna (with a side trip to Salzburg), the Cinque Terre on the Italian coast and ended our trip in Rome. It was an amazing, incredible two weeks!

Coming back has been extremely hard for me. This week was much better, but last week was a huge struggle. I love the European culture and would love the opportunity to live there. That, couple with horrid jet lag and dissatisfaction at work made for a very sad Leah. I am doing much better but would still love the chance to live in Europe!

Here are some of my favorite pictures! I will attempt to do a post on each of the places we visited.


Eiffel Tower

In the mountains of Austria

Cinque Terre

and Rome

It really was the trip of a lifetime, and I have so many incredible memories that I will carry in my heart always. I am ready for the next trip!! If only I could get paid to travel for a living…


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