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Thank you!

Thank you all for your kind words regarding my situation–I appreciate you all so much!! I will keep you posted. 🙂


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Anger Management

Blog friends, I need your help. I have a situtation in my life that is becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with each day. You see, there is a person in my life who I find extremely hard to get along with. I like to think of myself as someone who is fairly nice and easy to get along with, but this person brings out a reaction in me like no other, a feeling of rage and hatred (it pains me to even say or write that word). I hate, absolutely hate, feeling this way, but I have no idea what do do about it.  It is not someone I can avoid being around or someone that will be going away anytime soon (and in case any of you are worried, it is not Jason!). Any suggestions on what to do, how to deal with such a situation? It hurts my  heart to feel this way. Please help!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love and other wonderful things!! Here are a few pics of Daisy and Oscar in their Valentine’s wear from Punchy!

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My sweet husband gave me a beautiful red Kitchen Aid mixer
as an early birthday gift–I LOVE it! Tonight I made Havana banana
cake, similar to pineapple upside down cake but with bananas and
rum. Can’t wait to try the final product!!

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Renewed Efforts

Okay, I have officially become the worst blogger. I have only posted one thing in 2011! So I have decided to use the WordPress app in my phone for most of my blogging needs. Posts will be short and sweet (and likely full of typos) but I’ll post tidbits here and there of what’s going on. I very rarely get on the computer anymore at home, so I think blogging from my phone is my best chance at success. I’ll keep you posted!

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Daisy’s New Dress!!

Daisy in her new Valentine’s dress from Punchy!

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