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Fall in Colorado!

Yesterday, we took a drive through the mountains to see the changing aspen leaves. It was GORGEOUS!! We couldn’t have asked for a better day–the sky was incredibly blue and clear, it was warm and the trees were amazing. Here are a couple pics of our day of fun!!


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Tour of Homes!!

My friend Melissa is participating in a bloggy tour of homes, and she has asked me to join her!! First off–living room.

This is what you see when entering our front door–our small living room immediately in front of you, the dining room in the background and the kitchen to the far left. The brown chair is where Jason spends much of his time, and of course, there’s always a pug or two hanging around!

This is the view of the living room from the kitchen/dining room area. The main wall is a dark red, and the others are a light beige. Much of our decor is black. We purchased our tables a couple years ago from Cost Plus World Market–I LOVE that place, and we can hardly go in without coming out with some new piece of furniture. I love our decor, but I am a little ready for something different–we have been in our house almost 5 years, and it feels like it’s time for a change.

View of the front door.

And the entertainment center area. Jason spends a lot of time here, either watching TV or movies or playing video games. And the gas fireplace is nice and cozy in the winter!!

That’s our living room! It’s small but works well for us.

Anybody else want to play??

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Seattle Weekend!!

We spent the long weekend in Seattle and had a great time!! It was too short, as always, but we really enjoyed the time we had there! We ate lots of seafood, went on a hike, spent time with family and friends, and even got to go see Weezer! It was tons of fun!

Gidget, one of Jason’s mom’s dogs

Bella, our dog niece. She is SO tiny and cute!!

Jason carried Bella part of the way on the hike–her short little legs were tired!!

Beautiful scenery along our hike!! It was so lush and green–very unlike Colorado!

Jason with two of our cute nieces!!

The falls near the end of the hike! So pretty!!


Another cute niece in an old tree.

So many plants and things growing. Beautiful!!

Our other dog niece, Sadie! She is soooo sweet!!

Yahooooo, Weezer!

Space Needle!!

Yes, Rivers Cuomo sang from atop the porta-potties!!

My little buddy Zoe

My big buddy, Ebony!

We had a great trip and can’t wait to go to Seattle again!!

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