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That was Jason’s comment today when we reached the summit of the highest mountain in Colorado!! Yes, we hiked to the top of Mt Elbert today,which is the highest peak in CO and the 2nd highest in the continental US. Thankfully, it is also one of the easier to hike in CO, but it was still a challenge for us! But it feels like such an accomplishment when you reach the top!

We decided it would be fun to see the sunrise from the mountain, so we started at 4 am today. It was early! And dark–but the stars were AMAZING!

Waiting for the sun to come up!

And it’s up!! It was beautiful!

There were two marmots (critters that live in the mountains of CO) laying on a rock in the distance also enjoying the sunrise!!

Made it to the top! It is 14,443 feet elevation.

We made it!! I was nauseous a good deal of the way up, so I wasn’t sure I would make it. But I was determined to reach the summit, and I did!!

The scenery at the top is amazing!!

View of Twin Lakes, a little community at the bottom of the mountain

Relaxing at the top!

It was definitely challenging but an awesome way to spend a Saturday!


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San Antonio!

Last week, I visited San Antonio for a diabetes educators conference. It was great fun!! My mom and grandma came down and stayed two nights with me–it was so great to see them and spend some time with them! I love San Antonio–it’s definitely one of my favorite places in Texas. But boy was it HOT!!

Me and my grandma!

Me and my mommy!

Love the Alamo!

Mmmmm, Ben & Jerry’s!

A beautiful old church in San Antonio–the architecture there is beautiful! This was especially cool, because it was built by German Catholics, so all the words inside were written in English and in German.

Inside the church

I was excited to see this–this is the Scottish Rite auditorium, and I played a band concert here in high school. It was fun to see it again!

Mmmm, Casa Rio–great Tex Mex on the Riverwalk!

Yumola–you just can’t get food like this in Colorado! My goal was to eat TexMex at every meal, but it got to be too much (it’s pretty greasy and heavy). Had to take a break for a couple meals!

I was able to meet up with my friend Trish from college–it was great to see her and catch up!

The San Fernando cathedral–beautiful!!! And an interesting fact–the remains of those who fought at the Alamo are entombed here.

The hotel where we stayed–the Emily Morgan. It was right next to the Alamo, which was pretty awesome. I got to walk by the Alamo every morning on my way to the convention center!!

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