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Our youth group is going on a mission trip this summer to Honduras, and to raise money for that trip they are “flocking” church members’ yards!! Imagine my surprise when I came home to this on Friday!!

Doesn’t Daisy  look happy with the flamingos?! He he….

We enjoyed our visit from the flock and were happy to help out with such a great cause!!


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Two of my friends and I have recently started a quest together–to eat well on a budget! Many of our friends have recently gone through a financial improvement course and are looking for ways to save $$ in their households. One friend put forth the challenge to keep grocery spending to $200/month while still eating healthy and yummy, and another friend and I took her up on the challenge!

An interesting twist to the challenge in our household is that Jason has recently gone vegetarian. While I am not at all opposed to that, it has put an interesting twist to our eating well on a budget challenge. But it has been fun! A key to saving on groceries–PLAN AHEAD! I made a meal plan for about three weeks out of the month so far, and it has helped tremendously on our grocery spending, plus it makes it easier to cook at night after work when you already know what you will be preparing. And I have found that I do enjoy cooking, but it is rather time consuming. But I have found some great recipes and made several great things!

Our biggest downfall? Eating out! It is one of our favorite things to do, but already I think there has been an improvement there, too.

Recipes, pictures and stories to follow soon! Thank you for joining me on my “eating well on a budget” vegetarian-style adventure!!

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This weekend was the Denver Chalk Art festival!! It is a festival  held each June in Larimer Square in downtown Denver. Chalk artists from around the country come and draw on the streets using chalk and pastels. It is so amazing what they come up with in such a short amount of time!!

This dog was SO funny! He belonged to one of the artist and had a blue mohawk!!

It was SO awesome–I went Saturday morning and then went back Saturday to check the progress!!

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Memorial Day Fun!!

Our anniversary was the week before Memorial Day, so we decided to have a little overnight getaway Memorial Day weekend to celebrate. We headed to Estes Park on Sunday, and stayed the night at the Stanley Hotel. We had a great time! Estes is such an awesome little town, and we spent a good deal of time in Rocky Mountain National Park, where we saw lots of awesome wildlife! It was so great and relaxing, and we are ready to go back!!!

We stayed at the historic Stanley Hotel, which is famous for inspiring Stephen King’s novel “The Shining.” It was beautiful, but is said to be haunted–and I did hear lots of strange noises overnight!

The view from our room–we had two GORGEOUS days there!

A HUGE elk herd we saw in a random field!

Sunday evening, we took a hike to Gem Lake, outside of Estes Park. It was beautiful!!

My strong husband! 🙂

We were able to get close to SO many elk!!

A herd of bighorn sheep (down by the water)

The highlight of our trip–we got up close to a moose!! It was SO cool!

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Woo, I think we are all well here! Daisy is as good as new, and I finally almost have my voice back. I was sick for about TEN days, which was just ridiculous. But I am almost as good as new! I hope that you are all doing well!!

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