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Ugh, I have been sick since last Thursday. Nothing major, some wicked cold-type virus that seems to be making its way around. I never get sick, but this one has thrown me for a major loop. Felt pretty bad Thursday night and Friday but better over the weekend, but back to feeling pretty awful today, with pretty much NO voice. Makes it very, very hard to teach nutrition classes when you have no voice.

In other sick news, Daisy had to go to the emergency vet Friday night. Thankfully it was nothing major, she was throwing up frequently which freaked me out, but they think she must have just gotten into something she shouldn’t have. She had me worried but seems to be as good as new now! I am a bit concerned with a bump that is on her chest–it has been coming and going for about a month now. This morning I read about Benny’s bump, which turned out to be a mast cell tumor and made me very, very worried. If it sticks around, I will definitely take her to the vet. I made an appointment several weeks ago, but then it went away, so I cancelled the appointment.

Hope everyone out there is well!!!


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Mom comes to CO!

My sister had surgery on her shoulder last week, and my mom was able to come up for a few days to help her out. Vanessa is doing GREAT, and we had a great visit with my mom!

At the Olympic Training Center–this guy was so cute!!

With my mommy!

Mom with her grandpugs.

Snatch, my sister’s dog

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I am such a bad momma–I missed Oscar’s gotcha day!! Last Friday, May 14th,¬†was Oscar’s 5th anniversary of joining our family! He is a sweet cuddlebug, and I am thankful he is a part of our family!!

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I haven’t forgotten the blog……just been busy and exhausted with work. I promise I will update soon! My mom is here this weekend–my sister had surgery on her shoulder last week–so I will have pictures and stories soon. Hope you are all well!

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In the mail today

My friend (and fellow pug lover!) Libby is in Japan right now, and she sent me these socks!! Love them!

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