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I did it!!

I am definitely not a runner, but I have always wanted to be. We toyed with the idea of doing a 5K in the past but never could seem to make it happen. Several months ago, the gym I go to announced they were forming a team to run a 5K in Denver, so I figured it was as good a chance as any for a 5K.

This past Sunday was the run, and I am so proud to say that I ran the whole thing!! I know that is not at all a big deal for some of you, but for me, it was a big accomplishment. And I even did it in a decent time! It was a beautiful, perfect day for a race, which was so nice after the days and days of rain we had last week.

I am glad I did it and happy that I was able to run the whole thing. Who knows, maybe I’ll even do it again!!

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Some of you have read about my brother, Josh. He is a freshman in college and is majoring in theater.

He, along with some of his fellow theater majors, are making a movie this summer. If you are interested in watching the trailer and learning more about the movie, visit this site.


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The Incline!

Just a few minutes from my sister in Colorado Springs is The Incline-an old cog railway in Manitou Springs, no longer in use as a railway but now popular with hikers. She has hiked it before, but we never had, and I recently decided I wanted to give it a try. I spent the night with her on Saturday, and we made the trek up the Incline Saturday am.

At the bottom, ready to head up. This picture does no justice to how tall and STEEP the incline is! It is approximately 1 miles and gains about 2000 feet in elevation. One website I read said the average grade is 41%, with a maximum grade of ~60%.

Making progress!

At the top! I was so relieved to get there…….I really struggled getting to the top. I took tons of breaks and went reallllllly slow. It is amazing–you think you are in decent shape until you do something like this!

The views at the top were beautiful!! It was worth the trip…..and I will probably do it again!

Nessa taking a break at the top

On the way down, we took another longer, less steep trail. It was beautiful as well–and much easier!

Our next goal: climb to the top of Pikes Peak!! It is 13 miles and takes about 8 hours. Eek!

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We had a busy but great Easter weekend this year! We attended a Good Friday service (our first one ever!) Friday night, and it was great! Our neighbor is in the choir at one of the Lutheran congregations here in Denver, and they sang The Passion According to John by Bach. Very cool! Saturday, one of our friends had a wedding reception, so I helped with that. That evening we met my sister at her church in Colorado Spring and saw an Easter production there called “The Thorn.” It was AMAZING! Very, very professionally done and extremely moving. I am so glad we went! Vanessa came back to Denver with us and spent the night and went to our church the next morning. Then we had a fun Easter lunch! We made a lamb roast (the first time I ever made lamb at home!) with potatoes, grilled asparagus, deviled eggs and bread, then hummingbird cake for dessert. We spent time just relaxing in the afternoon, and then Nessa and I dyed eggs! It was a wonderful weekend!!

Preparing lunch

Easter Pugs!!

Ready for lunch!

Our yummy cake, complete with Easter sprinkles!

Dyeing eggs!

Oscar loves Nessa!!

Oscar enjoying some sunshine!

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