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Made my day!

Today I received a picture in the mail that made my day! I was a little confused by it at first, because the picture and corresponding picture were dated March 2009. But after some studying, it hit me! For the last two years for Christmas, my mom and Jason and I have donated to charity instead of exchanging gifts. Two Christmases ago, for my mom’s gift, we made a donation to our sponsored child through World Vision. This picture is a picture of our little girl, Audry in Zimbabwe, with the food and laundry soap that was purchased with the money we sent! Makes my heart so happy!!

(Sorry about the picture quality–we don’t have a scanner, so this is a picture of the picture)


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New Job Fun

Well, I almost hate to say it for fear of jinxing things, but I really like my new job!! This is my fifth week, and I am finally starting to feel familiar and comfortable and like I can handle things. It is so awesome to be back in dietetics and nutrition–I knew I missed it, but I didn’t realize how much until I started my new job! I am so thankful to not be traveling anymore. I did have to travel this week (just a one-time deal), and it reminded me how glad I am not to be traveling anymore! It is really fun having an office again, and (most of the time) it’s great having co-workers again. And my commute is amazing–literally 7 minutes from our house! But best of all are the patients I am working with. I was a little apprehensive to work with veterans, but they are so, so awesome!! I love it, and it’s an honor to help people who have done so much for our country. Life is good, and God is good!

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“it’s a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”

Helen Keller

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NYC Day 5

Monday was my last day in NYC–Jason stayed until Wednesday because he had a work meeting there on Tuesday. We didn’t have any plans Monday, so we slept in, had breakfast at a nearby cafe and then headed to Macy’s! The Macy’s in NY is HUGE–8 stories!!

They had these awesome, old-fashioned escalators that were made of wood.

View of ESB from Macy’s

Jason was SO SO excited to visit FAO Schwartz. He loved the Big Piano and was so excited by these Lego people! They were pretty awesome!!

My brother said I should have kicked this…..because it had a $25,000 price tag, I chose not to!

I was excited to see the Plaza.

We then walked through Central Park

We went back to Alice’s Tea Cup, and the wait was still really long, so I had chocolate mint tea and a turtle scone to go. Yummy!!!

We then headed back to our hotel, as I had to head back home. My flight was at 5:30, and it was sad to leave Jason in NYC (he had a work meeting there on Tuesday).

Our favorite subway stop, on the same block as our hotel.


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NYC Day 4

Sunday morning was another early morning for us. We headed down to Battery Park and caught the 8:30 ferry to Liberty Island!! It was pretty chilly out on the water, but seeing the Statue of Liberty in real life, up close and personal was pretty amazing!

Leaving Manhattan!

There she is!

The original torch

A nice man with a cool accent took our picture for us! (There were SO many people from outside the US visiting the Statue of Liberty!)

After visiting the Statue of Liberty, we visited Ellis Island, also very cool.

The Registry Room, where all the immigrants who came through were processed.

After returning from Liberty and Ellis Islands, we visited Ground Zero. It was somewhat surreal actually being there, but it didn’t look like what I expected (they are doing a lot of construction on the site for the memorial).

This is what touched me the most, the fire dept right alongside the WTC site; there was a memorial inside with the FD members who were lost of 9/11. There was also a fireman there talking about the events of that day.

After visiting Ground Zero, we found the bull on Wall St–there were SO many people there!

We then walked around the Financial District, which was SO, SO awesome! It felt like what NYC should feel like–narrow streets, tall buildings. Loved it!

We then found NYSE and begged them to make us some $$$.

We had lunch at the Famous Katz’s Deli–corned beef sandwich and the BEST pickles ever!

A scene from “Where Harry Met Sally” was filmed here.

That night, we saw another musical, “In the Heights,” featuring Corbin Bleu from High School Musical fame. It was a beautiful theater, great seats and a great show!

After the show, we headed back to the Village to have more Joe’s Pizza (SOOOOO yummy!), and we then visited a bar with live music.

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NYC Day 3

Our day on Saturday started early–when we travel, we really like to get things done early in the morning, so we can avoid the huge, crazy crowds as much as possible. We had tickets for 8 am on Saturday for Top of the Rock, which is a trip to the top of 30 Rockefeller Center! It was recommended to us by several FB friends, as well as Trip Advisor, so we gave it a go. And it was awesome!! You get great views of the city, and that time of day,  it was not at all crowded. We walked right to the front of the line and took the elevator to the top.

I love the decor on 30 Rock–very art deco!

Entrance to the building. I LOVE NBC, so I was so excited to visit Rockefeller Center. We wanted to check out the Rainbow Room, too, but it is currently closed.

Central Park. I love how the park is just sprawled out in the middle of all the huge NYC buidlings. It is amazing!!

Empire State Building! (it was a bit chilly Saturday, especially at the top of the 67 story building on a windy, cloudy day)

After our visit to the Top of the Rock, we stopped for a quick breakfast and then visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, fondly known as the Met. This place is HUGE! We stayed for a few hours and enjoyed seeing many, many works by numerous famous artists, but my back and Jason’s feet were killing us after a few hours. I can walk all day, but standing for that long kills us!

We caught the subway to the Met at Grand Central Station–it is so awesome!!!

The Met!

I love seeing the works of the old masters, such as Monet (one of my favorites!), Van Gogh, Renoir, Rembrandt, but honestly what I like best is the modern art. I know, it’s weird, but I appreciate how you can interpret it in your own way. We talked a lot about Jackson Pollock in my college art class, so I was super excited to see a few of his works in the Met.

We saw SO many other famous artists, and I have SO many art pictures, but I won’t bore you with them. But in addition to the names above, we also saw TONS of works by Picasso, as well as works by Georgia O’Keefe, Dali, Degas, Andy Warhol, and more. It was pretty amazing!

After our museum visit, we went back to our hotel for a much needed nap, then paid a visit to the famous Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes (sorry, Sandy, I didn’t get a picture of our cupcakes). Sadly, they weren’t all that great, at least not as great as their reputation might suggest. Jason had a red velvet and said the red velvet at Starbucks is much better.

Love all the taxis!

We then took a trip to SOHO and did some walking around there for a while, and it was INSANE! So many people!! I was hoping to find some good, cheap purses, but no luck. I don’t know where people find them!

We didn’t have any big plans, so we had dinner at Commerce, a cute restaurant in the Village we had visited on our food tour. We started out with an appetizer of foie gras (our favorite!), and I had red snapper and Jason had steak Diane. We ended the meal with chocolate souffle for dessert!

(Sorry, Sandy, I don’t have better pictures of our dinner. Jason gets really embarassed if I use the flash in a nice restaurant!)

After dinner, we called it a night and headed back to our hotel to relax, which was much needed after our busy day!

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NYC Day 2

We didn’t have anything planned early on Friday, so we slept in a bit and took our time getting ready. I slept terribly the first night, with all the weird noises outside all night. After getting ready, we headed to Greenwich Village for the Foods of NY Food and Culture walking tour. A friend who used to lived in NYC highly recommended this tour, and it did not disappoint!

Before the tour, though, we were starving as we had not had breakfast, so we stopped at a little bakery/cafe called Amy’s Bread, where I had the BEST scone of my life (it was a strawberry cream scone. SO GOOD!). We sat in front of the bakery for a few minutes in the warm sun, protected from the wind, and enjoyed our breakfast and coffee.

Our food tour started at 11. Here are some of the places we visited and foods we tried:

  • Joe’s Pizza: the BEST pizza ever!
  • Faicco’s: an Italian specialties’ shop: yummy rice balls (rice, cheese, herbs, covered in bread crumbs and fried)
  • Home: a restaurant that specializes in home cooking, mac & cheese
  • Soy&Sake: an Asian vegetarian restaurant, BBQ “pork” with rice and salad
  • Milk&Cookies: bakery, fresh-baked chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
  • Murray’s Cheese Shop: various cheeses (incl. goat and sheep cheese)
  • Rocco’s: Italian pastry shop, cannoli

The rice balls……sounds weird, but they were SO GOOD!

After our yummy mac&cheese. It was really cold in this neighborhood this day, but they had a nice heated patio in the back of the restaurant. It was nice and cozy!

Enjoying our bento box at Soy&Sake

The narrowest house in the village–inside it’s only like 8 1/2 feet wide!

We were STUFFED after the tour, so we headed back to our hotel and took a nap. That evening we went to the Upper West Side in an attempt to visit Alice’s Tea Cup, but the wait was too long when we arrived there, so we walked back to our hotel through Central Park.

Friday evening, we saw “Jersey Boys” on Broadway. It was good, but not in our list of top 5 musicals. The music was great, but there wasn’t a lot of big dance numbers like some of the other popular musicals. But I am glad we saw it!

After the show, we walked around Times Square a bit, and then called it a night. It was going to be an early morning on Saturday!

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