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Back to Reality

Well, I am back in Colorado–I made the drive back from TX on Tuesday with no problem. It’s about a 10-hour drive, but goes by relatively quickly with a good book on tape. I had such a great visit! I loved being with my parents and having nothing major to do during my time there. We kept busy, but it was with very relaxing things, like games, puzzles, movies, old episodes of “Walker, Texas Ranger” and visits with family and friends.

Random pictures from my week

When I first arrived in TX, it was REALLY nice–like in the 70s. We spent some time outside one evening, and Mom and I got a kick out of Dad washing his pickup with a ladder.

Mom loves her granddogs!

Playing Chicken Foot

We had lunch after church on Sunday with my aunt, uncle, cousin and her boyfriend.

I realize this picture probably doesn’t look too appetizing, but it was very yummy! One of our favorite restaurants in town is Samurai of Tokyo, one of those places where they cook your food right in front of you. Yum yum!

The pugs have a way of escaping their prison when we are at my parents’ house. This was their second escape this visit. My dad was sure he had them in where they couldn’t escape, so it was really funny when they greeted us at the door! I don’t know how well you can see this picture, but they somehow pulled the bottom gate back, like opening a door. Thankfully, I have learned my lesson from past experiences and had all the food (and anything else they might like) put away. Oscar likes to jump up on the bar and get yummy things to eat up there!

I have a number of other pictures to share, but these are the most random. More to come soon!


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More pug pics!

Sorry if you are getting tired of pug pictures–much of my time here has been spent relaxing with the pugs, which results in lots of cute pictures of them!

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Pug Pics

I am in Texas this week, and the weather has been fabulous!! In the 70s and partly to mostly sunny. The pugs love it and would spend all day outside exploring my parents’ six acres if I would let them.

We were all outside at dusk a few nights ago, and I snapped some pictures of the pugs. The lighting was perfect!

And not to be left out…..my parents’ labs, Chica and Dominique

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Trip to Seattle

Okay, this post is waaaaaay late, but here are some pictures of our Christmas trip to Seattle.

Jason’s mom has three dogs–Gidget


and Zoe.

Daisy and Oscar in one (of their three) Christmas Day outfits

I love the mess of Christmas morning!

Daisy and Oscar received awesome custom-made jackets from their cousin Sadie!

The cutest present of the day!

Tracy’s girls received these awesome little cars for Christmas–they provided hours of entertainment, both inside and out, for all of us on Christmas Day!

There was lots of Wii playing on Christmas

Jason and I took a trip to Pike Place Market one afternoon. It is my FAVORITE place in Seattle, and it was a gorgeous day! You really get the feel and vibe of Seattle at the Market.

The famous fish-throwing stand

The original Starbucks–a must-stop on all of our visits to Seattle

We had a late lunch at the Market. I had the BEST seafood bisque I have ever tasted!

The gum wall! This is a wall in an alley in the Market that is COVERED in chewed gum!!

We also visited this Russian bakery just down from the Starbucks in the market. I purchased a marzipan roll (pastry filled with marzipan) and an apple cinnamon roll. YUMMMMMMM! The marzipan roll was AMAZING!

We had an awesome view of Mt Rainier during most of our visit.

Space Needle

We visited a dog park one day with one of Jason’s friends from home and his new golden retriever puppy, Comet.

We went to Zoo Lights at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.

One of my high school friends and her husband live near Seattle. We met them at the zoo and then went to dinner with them. It was so great to see them!

While I was packing my suitcase to leave Seattle, Melaina discovered all the pug clothes I had brought. She loves to play dress up with her Beanie babies, and dressing up the pugs was almost as fun!

We had a great visit to Seattle! It was so nice and sunny the entire time we were there, which is so unusual for this time of year.

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The Gum Eating Incident

HHappy New Year! I hope everyone is having a good 2010. I have a few pictures from our Seattle trip, but I don’t have them on this computer, so that will have to wait.

But I did forget to mention the gum eating incident that occurred while we were in Seattle. The day after Christmas, we all had Christmas dinner at Jason’s parents’ house. I noticed Oscar was missing and called him, and he came running downstairs. Uh oh, never a good thing when Oscar is by himself for an extended period of time. Later, Jason’s sister came downstairs, and Oscar had emptied the contents of her purse upstairs and eaten a pack of gum.

I was immediately worried, because I have always heard that xylitol, an ingredient in sugar-free gum, is for dogs. It was sugar-free gum that he had eaten, but it did not list the ingredients on the package. I called poison control, and they were not able to look up the specific gum he had eaten. Lucky, I found it online, and thank goodness, it did not contain xylitol.

Apparently, xylitol causes increased insulin release in dogs, and they get severely hypoglycemic, and it happens very quickly. I am sooooo thankful that nothing happened!! But it was a scary moment!

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