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Costa Rica Goodies

A couple weeks ago, Jason took a nine day trip to Costa Rica for grad school.  I wasn’t able to go with him, but he brought some fun gifts back for me!


A cute little espresso cup! They toured a plantation that grows coffee for Starbucks. He brought back coffee from there, and it was GOOD!


A beautiful, colorful platter


Coffee liquer–SO yummy!


A cute wooden toucan thimble to add to my collection


A beautiful necklace and earring set

A watercolor picture painted by a Costa Rican artist



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Updates coming soon….

Hello, faithful blog readers (if I have any left!). I am sorry I have become such a slacker at updating my blog. Things have been crazy, and my personal laptop has gotten slllloooooow. It has also come to my attention that  the majority of my pictures are either pugs are food, but I do have some other things to share with you. I have so many things to update on and hope to do so very soon. I just spent the weekend in Texas for my 10 year HS reunion and had a great time! I will be back soon with pictures!! Hope everyone has a great week!

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I was so excited when I received a box recently from raguspug. It was the prize I won in her Halloween giveaway.

It was wrapped very cute.


And the candle holder is just precious! It has since found a home on the table by our front door.


I was lucky enough to win Sandy’s Halloween giveaway two years in a row!! I think it’s time for me to return the favor and host a giveaway here. Stay tuned!!

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OKC Memorial

When I was in OKC a few weeks ago to move my brother to college, I visited the OKC national memorial. I had been once previously, but the memorial never fails to touch my heart. It is a beautiful reminder of what happened that day and the lives of the people who were affected. This was my first visit to the memorial at night, and it is even more stunning at night. Pictures cannot do the memorial justice, but here are just a few I took during my visit. 

(These pictures are from my phone–I apologize for the poor quality).


memoral 1


This statue of Jesus is across the street from the memorial on the property of a church there. Several buildings on the church property were damaged or destroyed by the bombing as well. This statue shows Jesus with his back to the bombing site, weeping. It is amazing.

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