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Do you ever have moments in your life where you think “I can’t possibly be this old.” I had one of those moments this past weekend. I was able to travel to OKC for the weekend to spend time with my parents and brother, who is starting college this fall!! He is ten years younger than I am, so it seems impossible that he is college-bound! I am so excited for him and what the year and the future hold. Starting college is such an awesome, exciting time in life!!!


Ready to head out!

josh room

The room

leah and josh

Two of the three siblings


Our family, minus Nessa and Jason šŸ˜¦

Ted’s, quite possibly the best Mexican restaurant on the planetĀ 



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Just a reminder that we are planning a blogger meet-up in Las Vegas!! I just booked my airline tickets and hotel today, and I am SO excited! If you are interested, you can let me or Jemima’s mom know. The meet-up is planned for October 30-November 1. Hope you can join us!

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Bob Harper!!

For those of you who are fans of “The Biggest Loser,” you may recognize the face in the picture below. Last week, I was in Atlanta for a diabetes educators conference, and I met Bob Harper! One of the blood glucose meter companies brought him in to speak a few minutes and then autograph books for us. It was very exciting!! I did get to meet him briefly, but we were not able to take pictures with him. But very cool–and now I have an autographed copy of his book!


(Sorry the picture isn’t great quality–it was taken on my cell phone)

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Pikes Peak

When we were on vacation with Jason’s family a couple weeks ago, we were scheduled to go up Pikes Peak on the cog railway. I was pretty excited, because it’s something I have always wanted to do! Unfortunately, we got stuck in traffic that day and missed our reservation, so we weren’t able to go up.Ā  But thankfully, we live close and went up last Saturday with my sister!! It was FREEZING at the top (40 degrees and very windy) but thankfully they have a gift shop with snacks (we hadĀ a world famous Pikes Peak doughnut) and warm drinks. I don’t know how much you know about Pikes Peak, but it was the inspiration for the words to “America the Beautiful.” I can see why! It is not the tallest mountain in Colorado but definitely the most famous.

Jason and Vanessa boarding the train


On the way up


Views on the way up the mountain


At the top!


The view was spectacular!!


Me and Jason


At the summit!


Clouds were rolling in as we were at the top, so part of the view was obstructed. But it was still beautiful!!


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