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Meet Rusty. Rusty and I had a very odd encounter with each other yesterday. I was working yesterday and arrived at the office building where I had a lunch meeting. I got out of my car, and a stray dog was milling around. Thinking nothing of it, I opened the back of my Subaru Outback wagon to get some things out. Well, when I did, this big brown stray dog jumped right in the back, hopped into the back seat and proceeded to climb into the front seat! There was a gentleman in the parking lot who had already called animal control, but they had not yet arrived. I couldn’t get Rusty coaxed out of my car, and I was afraid to grab him. And if I had gotten him out of the car, I am not sure what I would have done next, because it was a busy street, and I didn’t want to leave him outside. We tried the phone number on his tag, but no one answered. Finally, the guy in the parking lot and I decided to take him to the animal shelter just down the street (I was afraid to go alone, in case Rusty tried to bite me as I was driving–so I had a strange dog and a strange man in my car). We first went to a nearby vet to see if they would take him (he jumped right out of the car there), which they wouldn’t, so we headed toward the animal shelter (where he also jumped out). He ran inside, and the ladies inside said he was a repeat offender (he apparently had been in just a few days before).

What an adventure! My car and suit jacket were covered in dog hair and slobber, but Rusty was safely to the animal shelter. But that little bit of excitment had me all riled up for the rest of the day! But it made for a good story to tell!!


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As you know, my brother recently graduated from high school. He loves theater and musicals, so our graduation gift to him was a ticket to see RENT in Denver. Our tickets were for last Friday night, so he came into town on Thursday evening.

I took Friday off to spend the day with him. He slept in and then we had lunch and did some shopping. There are so many sales right now! We went into Gap, and I really think everything in the entire store was on sale!!

After all that shopping, we were really tired, so we went home and took a quick nap before our dinner and theater night. We had dinner at a restaurant in Denver called Mizuna (famous for their lobster mac and cheese) and then headed to the theater.


Oh my goodness, I loved RENT! I have a number of friends who have seen it and weren’t crazy about it, but I loved it! I thought the music was so fun and entertaining, and the content is very real life and very relevant to today. It was great!! It may be my second favorite musical now!!


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New Pug Plaque

I was pleasantly surprised to find this plaque in my mailbox last week!!!

My father-in-law does a lot of woodwork, and he recently made this for me. And how true it is!!!


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Weekend Fun!!!

We are just having too much fun at our house lately!! Last weekend, my brother came to Denver and spent the weekend with us. I have LOTS of pictures to share–we really packed a lot of fun into the weekend! We did some shopping, saw RENT, ate a lot, went to Water World (the local water park), went to a Colorado Rockies baseball game (where there was a delay of game because of a tornado warning!) and did lots of eating. We also got to hang out with our sister quite a bit, which was wonderful. It was so much fun!!! I will share pictures this weekend when I have some extra time. Hope you are all doing well!

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While we were in Texas for the weekend, we got to meet my parents’ puppies!! My dad breeds labs, and his female lab decided to have a little fling with one of the neighbor dogs this springs. They ended up with lab-great pyranees puppies. They are calling them “great labs!” They were just starting to open their eyes and walk around when we were there. Soooo cute!

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I really cannot believe my brother Josh is a high school graduate! He and I are ten years apart, so I remember very well when he was born. And now he is going off to college!!!

The family after graduation






Before graduation, we had some people over and enjoyed a yummy dinner of brisket. Mmmmmmm!


And after graduation, we had a little party for Josh, complete with cake. And that cake was YUMMY!


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New Orleans

Here are a few pictures from my trip to New Orleans. I didn’t take many, and they aren’t super great quality (they were taken on my camera phone).

The architecture in New Orleans is beautiful. I love these intricate iron balconies. This picture is from the French Quarter.

NOLA french quarter

Cafe du Monde, home of the famous beignets and chicory coffee. We went here one night at about 11:30 (it stays open 24-hours), and there was a pretty good crowd even at that time of night.

NOLA cafe du monde

NOLA beignet

Lunch at Mulate’s–I had the seafood platter. It came with oysters, crawdad tails, crab cake, shrimp, jambalaya, and catfish. We also had alligator, both grilled and fried, for an appetizer. I loved it!!!!

NOLA Mulate's

Preservation Hall–this was my favorite part of New Orleans. It is a jazz performance hall and is located in a building built in 1750. It became a jazz music hall back in the 1960s. It was really awesome and the music was great!

NOLA preservation hall

The Mississippi River–our hotel was across from the Riverwalk shopping center, which is right on the river.

NOLA river

All in all, it was a great trip, but I sure am glad to be home. I do think I would like to visit New Orleans on my own sometime and see more of the sights. There is so much history there that I would like to explore and many other things to see and do.

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