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Today is Daisy’s 5th birthday! I cannot believe she is 5 already–seems like she was just the little tiny puppy you see below. She has brought so much joy and happiness to my life. Her face is turning gray, and she is missing her front bottom teeth, but she is still as spunky and lively as ever. Love you, baby small! 

daisy dress

daisy baby 2

daisy baby


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Today is a big day in our house–four years ago, we rescued Oscar!! He came into our lives via the Dumb Friends League, and things have not been boring since! He was a lost dog no one ever claimed, so we celebrate today as his birthday. The vet guessed he was about 2 when we got him, so he is now 6 years old! Happy Gotcha Day, Oscar!

oscar bday

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So I know Mother’s Day is almost over, but better late than never, right?!


I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother. Thanks, Mom, for all you have done and continue to do for me!

I also am lucky to have a wonderful mother-in-law and wonderful sister-in-laws who are wonderful mothers to their children. I am so blessed!

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Tonight I am sad about the loss of several of our blog dog friends. Holly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. She was rescued by Alfred’s Mom and then went to live with Sandy when AM went to Korea. Holly was loved dearly by her families and her pug siblings.

I just love this picture of Holly getting a bath!!


I also read today about the loss of Magnolia Sun’s Nyla over the weekend. I am so sorry, MS and am thinking of you and your family.


You will both be missed!!

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Happy Friday!!

Thank you all for your nice comments about Jason’s appendectomy. He is healing well and back to his normal self.

Have you heard we are having a meet-up this fall? Jemima’s mom is planning it, and we are going to Las Vegas!!! Visit her blog for more info if you are interested (the second post down has more meet-up details). It was hard for some of us to get to get to the East coast for that meet-up, so we decided to have one closer to home. Of course, any of you are invited, regardless of where you live. We’d love for everyone to be here!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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