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Well, it sure was an exciting week at our house last week! Jason had an appendectomy on Wednesday night! He had been having some stomach pains since Monday evening, but we just chalked it up to eating something bad or gas pains. It continued Tuesday, and he planned to go to urgent care that evening but it was already closed. Wednesday he had several meetings at work, so attended those meetings and then took himself to Urgent Care Wednesday afternoon.

In the meantime, I had driven to Grand Junction, about 4 1/2 hours away, Tuesday night to work there Wednesday and Thursday. I worked there part of the day on Wednesday, and then my Thursday appointment cancelled, so I headed back to Denver Wednesday afternoon. I had to make a few stops on the way back, and in the midst of these stops, I kept getting updates from Jason.

At urgent care, they did some blood work and then sent him to the hospital for a CT scan. It was indeed his appendix, so he got to have surgery Wednesday night! I got back to Denver and rushed home to change and feed the pugs, then got to the hospital just in time to see Jason before they took him into surgery. He was in and out quickly, and had no complications. His appendix hadn’t ruptured, so they were able to remove it lapriscopically. He stayed overnight and was released Thursday morning about 10:30. We spent the rest of the day sleeping and taking it easy. I went back to work Friday but he stayed home to continue recovering.

Throughout this whole ordeal, I was able to see God working. I was beyond thankful that I was already on my way home Wednesday when all of this started to happen. Also, I have been traveling out of state quite a bit recently and could have easily been somewhere much further when all this happened. So many people were praying for us and thinking about us and sending well wishes and encouragement and asking if we needed anything. Our sweet friend Susan helped us get both of our cars home (Jason drove himself to the hospital and I met him there later, so both of our cars were in the hospital parking garage, and he couldn’t very well drive himself home). Jason had an amazing surgeon and a wonderful anesthesiologist and no complications. And the experience has opened my eyes to ways to help others who are in the hospital or waiting for their loved ones who are in surgery.

So a very exciting week for us! But I don’t mind if we don’t have any more of this excitement for a while!!


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Fall Out Boy

Last week, my sister and I had the pleasure of going to see Fall Out Boy! Jason was supposed to go with me, but ended up taking a trip for work, so my sister was gracious enough to skip her Tuesday night class to join me. It was great!

We stopped at one of the local cupcake shops on the way for a sweet treat. I had a lemon blueberry cupcake, and she had a strawberry cupcake and a red velvet cupcake. Mmmmmm!

The concert was at The Fillmore in Denver. I had never been here, so I had no idea we would be on our feet the entire time!! Sure was wishin’ I hadn’t decided to wear those cute heels as we reached the five hour mark. It is a pretty cool venue, though. There are pictures on one of the walls of various artists who have played there, and there were some pretty big-name artists. We stood off to the side in the 21-and-over area and were able to get pretty close to the stage.

I couldn’t find my camera, so I took the pictures on my phone, so they’re not great quality. But that’s Pete Wentz there at the front of the stage. It was pretty awesome!!


There were four opening bands (Hey Monday, All Time Low, Cobra Starship and Metro Station) and then Fall Out Boy, so it was a very long concert. I had to get up at 4:30 the next morning to catch an early morning flight, so I was a little (okay, a lot!) tired the next day, but it was totally worth it. All the bands were great, and it was great fun! We are going to our first concert at Red Rocks this summer, and I am very excited about that!

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Time to Relax Swap

I participated in the “Time to Relax” swap organized by girlville–what a fun swap it was! My swap partner was M, and she did a great job! My package arrived late last week, and I couldn’t wait to open it!!!

It was full of all sorts of wonderful things–Bath and Body Works soap, hand sanitizer (which I am totally addicted to!) and air freshener (which is perfect for my car, which I am in all day!), Toblerone chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolates and mocha mixes, cookies, green tea, pretzels and even HOMEADE pumpkin muffins, with the recipe included!! The muffins were delicious, and how fun to get homemade muffins in the mail!


Thank you so much, M, for the wonderful treats, and thank you, girlville, for organizing this for us!! It was such a fun swap!!

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Happy Easter!!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter!!!


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Daisy’s New Dress

Some of you may recognize this dress from Punchy’s blog/etsy store. When I saw it, I knew I HAD to have it! I mean, really, what’s more perfect for my little Daisy dog than a Daisy dress? I found it in the mailbox this morning and was beyond excited! It is so beautiful, even more so than the pictures on Punchy’s blog suggested. I love it!


And it even came with a cute spring hat! Daisy doesn’t love the hat, but she did tolerate it for a few seconds in return for treats.



So Oscar doesn’t feel left out, here is a picture of how I found him in bed this morning. Think he was relaxed and comfortable?


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Ski Day!

We FINALLY got up to the mountains for skiing this weekend! We have only been a total of two days this year, which makes me sad. But Jason is in class all day on Saturdays, and we often have activities at church on Sunday we can’t miss, so that pretty much rules out many ski days. Plus they have not, until recently, had good snow up in the mountains this season.

But we did head up to Copper Mountain last Sunday for a beautiful day of skiing! The snow was great, and it was a beautiful, sunny day. It was great!

(These pictures were all taken on my phone so aren’t great quality, plus I couldn’t really see what I was taking pictures of since it was so sunny!)

We are hoping to go up this weekend as well–they are getting tons of snow again this weekend, so should be good skiing conditions. I love skiing!

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