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Winter’s Back!!

Well just when we thought spring was here, we are back in winter! We are under a blizzard warning today and are expecting 8-16 inches of snow in Denver!! We really need the moisture but I wish it was over the weekend!


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I am working on updating our blog layout, so please excuse the mess while I try some new things. Thank you!

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Have a great weekend!

I’m not sure if any of you clicked on the link for this picture a couple days ago, but my order finally came in and I picked up my pictures today. I love this picture because it totally shows Daisy and Oscar’s opposite personalities!!! (In real life, the side of Daisy’s face is not chopped off. I think it is this blog layout–the columns are too narrow).


Hope everyone out there has a wonderful weekend!! It is supposed to be in the 70s here all weekend, so we are planning to enjoy it!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you today and every day!


Cute card from Jason’s mom–the inside says “Thought you might want to visit a cozy little Irish Pug.” So cute!




Hope everyone has a great day!

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Weekend Fun!

It was a busy but very fun and relaxing weekend! Friday night, I went and painted pottery with a girlfriend. It was a good time, but painting is definitely not one of my strengths. I hope it turns out cute, because it’s intended to be a gift.

Saturday I went to my class at the gym, and then scrapbooked all afternoon with another girlfriend. It was so relaxing, and I got so much done! I finally finished our Disney cruise scrapbook and can move on to something else.

Saturday night we hung out with my sister, and today was church and a baby shower and then dinner out with Jason. Now we’re about to lay down and watch a movie. I love weekends like this!!

The cake from the shower. The theme was “a gift from God” so the cake looked like a present. Her colors for the nursery are sage green and brown, which are super cute. It was so fun!

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Pug Pictures

I feel like I haven’t posted pictures of the pugs on there in a looooong time, so I thought I would share some recent ones with you guys. These were all taken on my phone, so they aren’t super good quality but still pretty cute!!

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but Daisy and Oscar have yogurt all over their chins here. I gave them some of my yogurt once, and now they go NUTS when I have a bowl of yogurt. I usually finish most of it, and then let them lick the rest of the bowl and spoon clean. They go absolutely crazy and annoy me until I give in. And I do every time!

Oscar and Daisy only get to sleep with me occasionally (or get into bed with me on Saturday morning after Jason goes to class!), but Oscar hates getting out of the warm, comfy covers. That boy could sleep all day if we would let him. But he would get up to eat, I am sure!

This is one of my favorites! This is our pug we won at Dave and Buster’s a few weeks ago.  He sits on our guest bed. One night, I couldn’t find Oscar, and he was laying on the bed snuggled up to this huge pug. I laughed so hard at him!

Oscar in his polo shirt. He loves wearing clothes!!

I love this one of Daisy!! I was laying in the floor watching TV (the pugs aren’t allowed on the furniture, so I have to lay in the floor if I want to cuddle with them), and Daisy was curled up between my legs. She got tired chewing on her bone and decided to take a nap.

If I ever can’t find the pugs, the first place I always check in the sunniest spot in the house, and they are usually there.

And here is a link to the pugs’ pictures I had taken a few weeks ago. The link should take you to the gallery, and if you scroll to the bottom, you can see the pictures of them. There is also one or two on the next page. I ordered the one of both of them, because I think it so well captures their individual personalities. I love it!

There you go! Hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful weekend!!

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Jason and I have been lamenting that last year at this time, we were in Orlando on our Disney vacation. We had such a fun time and have so many great memories from our trip!!! My two all-time favorite vacations were both to Disney World. It’s such a magical place!

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