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Pug Meet-Up

I took the pugs to the Denver pug meet-up this last Saturday. It was held at a new location, and it was GREAT! We previously have met at one of the local parks, and the pugs ran around (illegally) off-leash and wreaking havoc on all the bikers and roller-bladers. Plus, all my little guys wanted to do was eat goose poo. This month’s meeting was at a local doggy daycare, which was great!

I did discover something on Saturday–Daisy can swim! She has never been around water before, so I had no idea. Several dogs jumped in the pool, and she jumped right in, too! I didn’t realize it was her until she was about halfway across, or I probably would have been a nervous wreck. But she swam like a champ and someone was on the other side to pull her out!

Daisy after her swim–she was pretty chilly after she got out!


Oscar climbed up the hill


This guy had treats, therefore was very popular!


Poor wet Daisy on the way home. She was SO tired on the way home!



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DC Adventure!!

What an exciting Saturday I had!!! As you know, I spent four days in NJ last week for training. I left Newark Friday night and had a nice flight to Dulles. During my layover in Dulles, the airline employee at the counter asked for volunteers to give up their seats on the overbooked flight. In return, the volunteers would get a voucher for a free flight, a free hotel stay and meal, and a flight out the next day. Hmmmmmmm…..I started seriously considering volunteering but could not make up my mind (I am TERRIBLE at making decisions, especially ones that require spur-of-the-moment action). I decided if they asked one more time for volunteers, I would do it. And they did–so I did!

I have never been to Washington DC, and it has always been on my list of places to visit. I spent the night in the Hilton near Dulles (after a LONG wait at the customer service counter for United) and was up early the next day for a little sightseeing. I rode a bus from the airport to the Metro station and then took the Metro to the Smithsonian. It was super easy! I ran around the Mall area for the next three hours, seeing all sorts of fun sights.

But let me tell you–it was COLD! Because I wasn’t planning an overnight stay, I did not have any cold weather gear. I thankfully was wearing a turtleneck and had my coat, but I didn’t even have socks on! Needless to say, I was very chilly by the time my tour was over and more than ready to get back to the warm airport.

What I did during my three-hour whirlwind tour:

  • Rode the elevator to the top of the Washington Monument
  • Saw the Lincoln Memorial (which was closed off for preparation for today’s celebration)
  • Visited the Korean War Memorial (which I found especially moving)
  • Saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Saw the World War II Memorial
  • Walked by the White House
  • Went into the Smithsonian Castle (mainly to get warm and go to the bathroom)

It was great, and very surreal, to see in real life the things you read about and see pictures of your whole life. I definitely want to go back and spend much more time visiting the sites and going through the Smithsonian, especially since there were so many inauguration preparations happening while I was there. There were porta-potties everywhere!!! But I am glad I was able to spend a few hours there, although my body hasn’t quite forgiven me for putting it through so much yesterday. I have a lot of new aches and pains today–guess I am too old for this kind of fun!

And it has been neat to watch the news today on the inaugration and say “Wow, I was there yesterday!!”

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Hi from NJ!

Hello from New Jersey! I am here for a couple days this week for training. I flew into Newark and just LOVE seeing NYC from the plane!! I even saw the Statue of Liberty! It makes me crazy to be so close to the city and not visit, but it’s definitely on my to-do list this year. Hope you are all having a good week!!

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Bye bye, Salt Lake City

(There are two other new posts below–don’t forget to read them!)

Since starting my new job last July, I have done a fair amount of traveling to Salt Lake City. We are undergoing some changes soon at work, and I will no longer be traveling to Utah. I took my last trip to Salt Lake City this last week, which made me a teeny bit sad. It is beautiful there!

I will now be traveling to New Mexico and am hoping to go to some fun places there. We will see!

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I Met a Blog Buddy!

I met a blog friend in real life!


I was in Salt Lake City this week for work and met Somer while I was there! We met up at Starbucks and had a great time chatting and getting to know each other a little better. It was great fun, and she is super sweet.  Thanks, Somer! I am sorry I won’t be back in SLC, but I do think we need to organize a West Coast blogger meet-up!!

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My Sister

Wow, I am so behind on blogging! Please forgive me–things have been kind of crazy around here.


One exciting piece of news–my sister is now living in Colorado!! Woohoo! She is about an hour and half from us, and we are excited to have her so close.  My family was here last weekend to move her in, and while it was a whirlwind of a trip, it was so fun to have everyone at our house and spend some time with them.


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Happy New Year!

From our house to yours, we wish you all the best in 2009! May this year bring many blessings to all of you!



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