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Wow! As some of you may know, nothing is better than skiing on fresh powder. And today was one of those days!

Last weekend, Jason and I drove up to the mountains on Saturday for some weekend skiing. Last week, the temperatures were really warm in the mountains, and there was no new snow, so conditions were terrible (VERY ICY!). We skiied two runs and left, because we were not having fun and felt it was dangerous. It was sad, and we thought it was the end of our ski season.

But, over the past several days, a big snowstorm hit the mountains and dropped over a foot of fresh snow at some of the ski resorts. Woo hoo!!! We went to Vail today with one of my co-workers and her brother and had an AMAZING day! It was deep powder, which is a little hard to ski in but feels nice when you fall, and it lightly snowed all day. Fun fun fun! It was a great way to spend the day!


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Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day relaxing and doing the things you love!

Have a great weekend!

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Well, this is what I get for bragging about our nice spring weather last week! This morning we woke up to a blanket of snow! March is historically our snowiest month of the year, and we have gotten very little snow this month, so I guess we were due. The weather man on TV said it snowed around 7 inches overnight, but the ground is so warm that it is melting fairly quickly. And we need the moisture.

Our forecast calls for a warm up by the weekend, so we should be back to spring-like weather soon enough. In the meantime, I will enjoy the beautiful spring daffodils I bought myself at the grocery store. There’s nothing better than fresh, spring flowers to brighten the day!

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New Car!

I forgot to mention Jason’s other new purchase–he bought a new car! He purchased a Honda Civic almost 2 weeks ago and is LOVING it! He had a 1997 Nissan Altima before, so this is definitely a step up for him (which he deserves). We drove it up to the mountains over the weekend in our attempt to ski, and it actually did pretty well.

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New Toys!

Well, ski season is close to wrapping up, so we needed something to entertain ourselves during the summer. So we have new bikes! Jason has REALLY been wanting a bike, so we went and purchased his yesterday. I found a PINK one that was cute, but we decided to wait. And Jason surprised me today by getting the pink bike for me after work! We took a short ride this evening, and I think it will be very, very fun. Now the pugs just need a seat and helmet! We hope to get really good and maybe participate in some bike rides down the road. I will share pictures later!

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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring, everyone! Today is the first full day of spring, and it definitely is spring-like in Denver! The high today was around 70 degrees, and now clouds are rolling in for an evening thunderstorm. I feel sorry for those of you in the northwest who are dealing with cold and rain and also those of you in the northeast dealing with cold and snow. Willow and Belle’s mom asked where all of our snow went–thank goodness it melted! That is one of the many awesome things about Denver. We get a fair amount of snow, but it usually warms up and melts pretty quickly. This winter was a little unusual, due to the blizzards we had, but most of our winters are nice. Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone, though–we like to keep it our little secret!

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Hope everyone is wearing their green and having a good day!

(My shirt says “Everone loves an Irish Girl)

We have had a good, relaxing day. This morning, we headed downtown for the VERRRRY LOOONNNG Denver St. Patrick’s Day parade. There were LOTS of people! We stayed for about 2 hours, and it was only about half over! It was a great parade, though, with lots of bagpipes and Irish dancers. And the weather was picture perfect. After we grew tired of standing at the parade, we walked to REI to look at bikes and then headed home.

For whatever reason, the parade theme this year was “Irish Roots and Cowboy Boots,” hence the Texas Longhorns included in the parade.

The local Jimmy Buffet fan club even made an apperance!
Irish setters–for my mom, because these are her favorite dogs
There were Harley riders in kilts
And llamas decked out in St. Patty’s gear
The view of the South Platte River outside of REI

We just relaxed and hung out most of the afternoon and took the pugs on a nice walk. Then we had our corned beef and cabbage–yum! We went out for a bit this evening and then came back home and are just chilling. It has been a fun-filled and relaxing day!

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