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Jason and I went to see “Dreamgirls” last night with our neighbors. I thought it was good, but Jason didn’t like it. It did have more singing that I realized, but that is to be expected in a Broadway-musical-turned-movie. Have you guys seen it? What did you think?


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and a couple of good books!

Alfred’s mom kindly agreed to share some of her books with me, and they came in the mail today. Exciting! I love packages! I cannot wait to read them. Any book with such a cute pug on the front has to be good! Plus, there was a cute cute card with Holly’s picture on the front. What a beautiful girl–so adorable!

Thanks, am!

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Recently, LMizzle and Kara have both blogged about their weird pickles. I didn’t think too much of it until today, when I read my friend Ann‘s blog–and she had weird pickles, too! What is this world coming to?!

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Thanks you guys!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support! Jason was able to get the window fixed yesterday, so that is taken care of. I did call about my ski pass, and they were able to cancel the old one and tell me how to get a replacement. That made me feel much better–I would have been so upset if I was not able to replace it and all that money just went to waste! I hope the thieves try to use it and get busted!!!

Today is going smoothly (so far!) so I am rejoicing in that! More days of craziness and I might have a melt-down.

You guys are the best!

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When it rains……

you know the rest! Whoever said bad things come in threes should now know that we have reached our three!!!

Jason leaves for work each weekday morning around 5:30 am. I usually stay in bed for a few more minutes before I get up and get ready. Well this morning went as usual, but he went out and then came back in a few short minutes later and said “will you take me to work today?” I thought that his car was either stuck in the snow or wouldn’t start (which would have made me happier), but no, someone busted out the driver’s side window and took our stuff. How rude! I had to park the car a little ways down from our house so it wouldn’t get stuck in the snow, and the street light was not working where I parked it. None of the things taken were really important, but it just makes me mad more than anything. They did rip out the radio and take my ski pants and back-up ski jacket, along with my season pass for skiing (which I really hope I can replace, because we have only been up twice and it cost a pretty penny). And I LOVED my ski pants 😦 . Other than those things, there was nothing important in the car thankfully.

Jason keeps reminding me that it could have been much worse (which it could have), but it still makes me really mad inside. Recently punchy wrote about her son’s snowboard being stolen, so now I can somewhat relate to that feeling. I can’t believe people are just so rude and inconsiderate to do such mean things.

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My Subaru is home–yippee! I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I didn’t have it. It is such a well-built car and does so well in the snow. I missed you!

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Okay, so it wasn’t really a tragedy, but I wanted to use some alliteration for a catchy title!

We did have to use a tow truck today, though! Our Subaru has been going downhill for the past few weeks. Jason took it to the dealership last week, and the tension pulley was going out. They wanted to replace it, but the part was back-ordered nation-wide. The guy didn’t even want Jason to drive off the lot, because it could freeze up at anytime, but he didn’t really have a choice. Jason found another place which could repair the part, so he made an appointment for this Monday to get it repaired.

We were headed out this afternoon to a bowling party and were a few miles from the house when the car died! Yep, the car was done for. Thank goodness for State Farm and roadside assistance! We called and got the names of several towing companies and found someone who was available. The guy who helped us was GREAT! He loaded up our car, took us by our house to pick up the other car, and then drove us all the way to the mechanic Jason has an appointment with Monday. I drove the other car while Jason rode in the tow truck, and he had a great conversation with the driver. We left our car outside the mechanic’s shop, and Jason will take care of it on Monday.

All in all, what could have been a bad and frustrating experience turned out to be an encouraging one for both of us. The driver of the tow truck shared his life story with Jason, which was pretty incredible. I am so thankful that God continues to bless our lives with incredible people and situations which all work out in the end. He is so faithful!

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