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Winter Wonderland!

Well, as I posted last night, the storm that is moving across the country hit Denver last night! It snowed throughout the night and all morning today. Sadly, Jason and I both had to work, so we didn’t get to enjoy it much, but it was very beautiful. The snow stopped around noon, and now it is a cold 11 degrees. We ended up with about 4 inches in our area, but other areas of Colorado received much more.

And all of this new snow in time for weekend fun! Guess what we have planned this weekend! Here’s a hint–swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. What kind of winter fun makes that sound?!

Jason’s wonderful lighting work–he worked very hard to get all the lights lined up along the roof. We are still looking for some lighted yard art to add more variety and color. I was SO nervous when Jason was up on the roof. I was out there at one point but started to get queasy so went inside. The pugs sure wanted out on the roof with him–they kept standing at the window waiting for their turn! I think Oscar would be okay, but Daisy has been known to jump from high things before, so it wouldn’t be shocking if she tried to jump off the roof. Silly dog.


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Let it snow!

It is snowing in Denver! I guess we are now getting the storm that moved through the Northwest yesterday. It started snowing this afternoon and is forecasted to continue through the night and most of the day today. They are forecasting between 3-7 inches in Denver, and it is putting me in such a Christmas spirit! I came home from work and put my Christmas t-shirt on, then watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas special. Good times! I am so excited about Christmas, and it isn’t even December. Good grief.

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Daisy’s Duck

Okay, I am such a copy cat. Miko and Meimei’s momma posted today about Meimei’s “MooCow” which made me think of Daisy’s duck.

When we purchased Daisy, it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment, on a whim kind of purchase, so we had no dog supplies or toys. I had purchased bowls in anticipation of getting a puppy but nothing else. So we picked her up and headed straight to PetSmart. One of the first things we purchased was a squeaky duck. Daisy loved the duck and played with it often. But once we adopted Oscar, the duck had to go. I couldn’t bear for them to tear it up, since it was her first toy, so I have it in a place for special keeping.

I am glad to hear that I am not the only crazy pug lover who is attached to their dog’s first toy!

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Pug Lover

Do any of you pug lovers have pug stickers on your car? I have the two below and love them! I am surprised, though, that Jason will still ride in the car with these two stickers on the back. Oh, true love!

We found this one in a doggie boutique in Breckenridge called “The Breckenridge BARKery.” Very cute, and the man working there was super nice!

In Dillon, Colorado, which is also up in the mountains, there is a brewery/restaurant called “Pug Ryan’s Brewery,” and they have these stickers there!

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Well, I think we are almost done with our Christmas decorating. I think our tree is leaning a little to the left, but we can’t seem to make it lean any other way. Probably no one else would notice, but since I put it up it is really obvious to me. Jason has a little more to do outside but the inside is just about finished. I purchased some new items for our mantle and am pleased with the way it turned out. I really want to buy all of the Christmas decor at Pottery Barn (my favorite store!) but the budget won’t allow it, so Hobby Lobby, Target and Linens ‘N Things were the second choices. But I like it! The picture didn’t turn out great, but I purchased new stocking holders that spell “noel.” I really wanted “peace” but Hobby Lobby didn’t have “peace.”

Daisy and Oscar have new Christmas items to wear. Neither are very excited about them, but I think they are cute! I put this t-shirt on Oscar and he just laid down. Poor puggies!

We also did quite a bit of our Christmas shopping this weekend–yay! I want to get as much done and wrapped and shipped ASAP. We don’t have much to buy really but I still want to get it done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week back at work or whatever else you may be doing!

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It’s beginning to…

…look a lot like Christmas! We spent a good part of today putting up our Christmas decor, and I am exhausted. It is a lot of work! But our house looks so fun and festive now.

I am too tired to take pictures tonight, so I will share with you tomorrow.There is still more to do, but it will have to wait. It’s off to bed for me!

Has anyone seen “March of the Penguins?” I just watched it tonight on TV for the first time and really liked it! Those little penguins are amazing creatures!

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Churrascaria, anyone?

Have any of you been to a churrascaria? It is a Brazilian steakhouse, and it is so good! I first learned of a churrascaria when I was in Brazil one summer. They have an incredible salad bar, and once you are done with your salad, here comes the meat! They have servers walking all over the dining carrying spits of different types of grilled meat. Not the place for meat haters! It is so good, and you can try so many different things! In Brazil, they even served chicken hearts (not something I was willing to try!).

Jason and I went to a new churrascaria in our neighborhod tonight, and it was really good. It was called Texas de Brazil and has several restaurants throughout the country. We weren’t really hungry, so it was a bit overwhelming, but it was very tasty. I love going to these places, because I loved Brazil, and it reminds me so much of the restaurant I went to several times there. Good times!

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