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Party Pictures

Our family Halloween photo

We had a pinata FULL of candy

Pumpkin carving contest

The bubble bath–winner of “best costume”

The cutest pugs at the party!
My pumpkin cake I made for the party! It looks cute but was pretty gooey in the middle, even though I stuck a toothpick in the middle. Oh well!


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Halloween Party!

On Saturday evening, Jason and I hosted a Halloween party for our young adult group at church. Our groups consists of young adults college-aged through thirties and includes both married couples and singles. It it a great group!

We had a great turn-out–somewhere around 25 people. Most everyone showed up in costume, which was great fun! The winner of “best costume” was a bubble bath–our friend wore a white sweatsuit with white balloons attached. She was also wearing soap, a sponge and a rubber ducky. Very cute and creative!

Jason and I were the Incredibles! We plan to dress up on Halloween to pass out candy also. We are super excited–we have never had trick-or-treaters before!

And we had the cutest pugs at the party! Oscar was a prisoner and Daisy was a lady bug. Poor Daisy, though–her costume didn’t fit too well. She is just too big around her chest!

(I am trying to post pictures but Blogger is not cooperating. Will try again later!)

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Happy Halloween!

Greetings, and welcome to the Halloween edition of Bloggy Parade of Homes! We love Halloween at our house and love Halloween decor. We aren’t quite finished (spider webs and more lights to come) but here is where we are now.

Our front porch with the lights. I found the arch, the big spider and the “boo” sign all on clearance at Linens and Things for $10 each! I love bargains!

The Halloween candles have taken over the candlesticks!

This guy is hanging from our ceiling fan in the living room

On the center of our table

We have many more decorations but Blogger decided to stop cooperating, so I will add more later. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Well, it is snowing again here in Denver! It seems to be more snow this time and is very wet and heavy. But it is very beautiful! And one of the ski resorts we go to has gotten 15.5 inches of snow already out of this storm, and it is still snowing!

Stayed tuned in for the Halloween Bloggy Parade of Homes tomorrow to get a sneak peak at our Halloween decor!

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Welcome, Rascal!

Kara, Alan and Kritter have a new family member–Rascal, a French bulldog! Stop over at their blog and give them your best wishes. Welcome to our blogging family, Rascal!

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Let It Snow!

Look what happened in Denver yesterday!

It started snowing yesterday mid-morning and continued until we went to bed. It is beautiful but COLD!

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Guess Where We Went?!

To our first Broncos’ game!

Jason and I attended our first NFL game on Sunday night. The Broncos played the Raiders, and it was great fun! The weirdest thing happened, though. We were there a few minutes early and found our seats (up at the very tip top, one row from the top). We sat down and ate some dinner (brats and nachos, yum). People were streaming in all around us, and the seatholders to the left of Jason came in and sat down. We looked over, and it was one of our neighbors! Crazy, isn’t it?! Out of all 76,125 seats, we were right next to someone we know. Unbelievable!

We had a great time and look forward to the next time we are able to go to a game.

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