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More Mountain Fun

Each cabin had a hummingbird feeder outside the window.
The two tallest mountains in Colorado. I believe Mt Elbert is on the left and Mt Massive is on the right (feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Poor puggies–we took them on a very short walk and they (especially Oscar) were so tired.

This is Oscar’s favorite way to hike! He didn’t want to get his paws wet

Almost sunset

This river flowed fairly close to our cabin. I believe it might be the Arkansas River, which flows through much of Colorado. My absolute favorite thing ever in the mountains are the mountain rivers and streams, so I dragged Jason and the pugs down for a closer look.


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Fun in the Mountains

Finally–something exciting to blog about!

Jason and I (along with the pugs) spent the weekend in the mountains! We discovered that cabin camping is much more fun than tent camping. We had a real bed, a real stove, a real fridge, a real sink, and best of all–a real toilet and shower! We stayed about 15 miles south of Leadville, near Twin Lakes. For those of you not from Colorado, Leadville is the highest city in the US (elevation 10,430). We were right in the neighborhood of the two highest peaks in Colorado, Mt Elbert and Mt Massive. It was so beautiful!

Our cute little cabin

Overlooking Twin Lakes

Mountains around Twin Lakes

Daisy having some camping fun

The pugs favorite way to camp–with their bed and their rawhide chewies!

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Long time, no blog

Okay, so I looked at my blog today and couldn’t believe how long it had been since my last update! Truth it, life seems to be whizzing by at lightning speed but no with anything interesting to post about.

I did go on a retreat two weekends ago in Estes Park. Estes Park is a beautiful mountain town right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. It was an incredible weekend! I was hoping to bring you back some beautiful pictures, but it rained the entire weekend. We couldn’t even see the mountains! But we really needed the moisture, so it was welcome!

Other than that, life has been fairly boring (which is okay by me!). I realized today that Sunday marked two years since we brought Daisy home to live with our family! I am so thankful for her and the joy she brings to my life. She starts every day with energy and excitement–I think we all need to approach life more like her!

This is Daisy the day we brought her home. She certainly warmed up to us very quickly!

Hope all of you in blogland are doing well!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July!

Ours was kind of sad. We had tickets to the professional soccer game here for last night, with a great fireworks show afterward, but it rained and rained here. Many fans still went, but we were not in the mood to get struck by lightning. We waited in the car in traffic for an hour to get into the parking lot, and then sat in our car for another hour hoping for the rain to subside. Eventually we gave up and headed home. Oh well, at least we weren’t out too late. It was sad, though, because we just spent the day alone. I would have loved to be at home celebrating with my family!

For those of you who know me, you know how I love to scrapbook. I have recently decided I am scrapbooking way too many things and need to cut back. I saw this idea in a magazine and decided to try it on our recent vacation pictures. I love how it turned out, and I was able to include LOTS of pictures on just two pages!

The whole two-page layout

I walked by our guest bedroom a few days ago and saw this. The window was open (thank goodness they didn’t jump out!) and obviously there was something very interesting outside! Isn’t it so cute?!

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My little brother, Josh, is really into theater and was in a summer production of the musical version of “Beauty and the Beast.” It worked out that we were able to see one of his performances when we were in Texas! It was so good, and he did a wonderful job. Here are a few pictures (and the last ones of our trip to Texas).

The Wichita Theater (where we saw the musical)

Josh (playing the baker) with Belle

I love this picture, because Josh is the only thing in focus and he has a HUGE grin on his face. Looks like he is having a good time!

Josh was a fork in the “Be Our Guest” scene

The three siblings together. Fun times!

We ate at the funniest little restaurant before the show (one of those places you only find in Texas). It is called Matlock’s and is across the street from the theater. It is a total hole-in-the-wall kind of place with all sorts of crazy (yet interesting) memorabilia on the walls. I had a chicken fried steak (I know, totally unhealthy, but tasty), and Jason had a “Texas-sized quesadilla” (and I think it really was). Definitely a good dose of Texas culture!

That is all the fun to share from our trip to Texas!

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