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Jaosn’s Funny Face

Sharla, is this the funny face you speak of?

And I have LOTS more cute Jason pictures where that came from!

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Jason and Grandma

I intended to add this picture to the Arizona post but somehow missed it. Then when I tried to add it on later, blogger decided not to cooperate. So, I hope it works this time!

Woo hoo! We enoyed our visit with Jason’s grandmother and are so glad we were able to visit her!

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Awesome Arizona

Saturday and Sunday we were in Arizona enjoying 80-90 degree weather. Today we are back in Denver where it is snowing. What is going on? Our poor bodies!

Jason and I spent the weekend with his parents and his grandmother at her house in Arizona. It was a quick trip, but we really enjoyed ourselves while we were there. Our flight left Denver Saturday morning at 8:30, and we arrived back at DIA at about 11:45 last night. Yes, a very quick trip, but worth it. I have never been to Arizona and never seen Jason’s grandparents’ house, so we needed to go. Arizona is really a beautiful place! I am always amazed when I go new places in the US how different various regions of the country are. There are lots of palm trees and different varieties of cacti in the Phoenix area. It was amazing!

The highlights of our trip, other than seeing Grandma and Jason’s parents, were of course eating at Monti’s and Matta’s. I have heard about these places for ever, so it was so fun to finally eat both places. It was very yummy!

Saturday we visited Vern and Ramona and were able to see Vern’s amazing wood working skills. He does intarsia, which is something I would never have patience to do but am amazed at how beautiful and intricate it is.

Sunday we attended church and then had our Matta’s lunch. After lunch, we were so full and so tired that we laid down and slept several hours. I hated to waste our short time there sleeping, but I don’t think I could have made it through the day otherwise. Then back to the airport to fly home!

Daisy and Oscar stayed with their friend Moxie while we were gone, and next weekend Moxie is coming here while her parents are gone. Daisy and Oscar love it when she comes over!

Funny story–Saturday night we slept with our bedroom window open and a fan blowing on us. In the middle of the night, around 3 am, the dog next door started barking and barking and barking. Jason got fed up, so jumped out of bed and closed the window. He then decided he wanted to fan closer to him, so he tried to pull the fan over. The cord wasn’t long enough, so he proceeded to knock it in the floor. The metal cover came off, and the blades kept running. So the fan is laying there making the worst “whack-whack-whack” noise on the floor. Jason was afraid to pick it up (remember, it was pitch black in our room) for fear of the blades cutting him. Finally, he somehow turned it off, but I was laughing hysterically. As you can see, one of the blades didn’t quite make it through the ordeal. At first glance, it just looks like a chunk is knocked out, but if you look closer, you will see that it is much smaller than the other two blades. Good times.

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Go, Rockies!

Jason was able to get free Rockies’ tickets at work, so we went to the game Monday night!

They did pretty poorly (lost 5-2) but we had a good time anyway. We actually rode the bus downtown, stayed at the game for an hour and a half, then headed home. We could have stayed longer but didn’t want to be out too late on a worknight. But the most important thing–I got my buffalo bratwurst, so I went home happy!

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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed day!

Our day was very good. We went to church this morning, then had some friends over for a potluck lunch after church. We had a pretty good spread–ham, chicken, lots of yummy sides and apple pie with ice cream for dessert. Yum yum!

We didn’t have time to color our eggs until this evening, but at least we did it while it is still Easter! Guess now Jason has to eat lots of boiled eggs, or maybe we will make some deviled eggs.

I am not sure if you can see it in the picture, but we have nice burns on our faces. We went to Breckenridge on Saturday with some friends to get one last day of skiing in. It wasn’t sunny at all but was super windy, so I think we are actually windburned. We had a great time despite the wind and even got some fresh new snow to enjoy! I have really enjoyed ski season this year and look forward to next winter!

The pugs don’t have any Easter clothes, but Daisy has a cute spring tank top. Here she is modeling it, with our cute pug doormat in the background. My sweet husband gave me that rug for Valentine’s day–I think he’s a keeper!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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Hot Dogs

The weather has really warmed up here in Colorado, which we are really enjoying. Here are what two hot dogs look like after a long, hot walk!

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Ladies’ Tea

Every spring, we have a ladies’ tea at church, and it is such a wonderful afternoon! Our tea this year was last Saturday. The weather was sunny and warm–a great day for a tea! For the past two years, I have been a hostess, which means I decorate one of the tables and serve tea to the guests at my table. It is so fun, and such a wonderful afternoon of fellowship with other Christian women!

The food at the tea is fabulous, much like a real high tea. We have scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd, cucumber sandwiches, tiny cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and many other delightful treats!
This was my table. I went with a blue theme this year. And I actually had teapots this year! Last year, I had none, so I had to borrow some from other women, but this year I now have three!
I have been bugging Jason to take a picture of me with the pugs, so here we are!

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