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Little Lucy

For the next week, we are dog sitting for some friends at church. I was a little apprehensive, but it is going great! Her name is Lucy, and she is a little teacup poodle! I think the pugs are a little overwhelming to her–they play so rough, especially Daisy–but it seems like she is getting more used to them. I am keeping them apart, though, when we are away from home just in case. We have had her since Friday, and she is doing great–no accidents inside!

We also went this week and saw the “Body Worlds 2” exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science. I thought it was very interesting–a great reminder of how perfectly our bodies are created. The exhibit is somewhat controversial but I enjoyed it.


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Sun Bathing

This is one of my favorite pictures of Oscar. He is laying in the floor of my parents’ kitchen in Texas, enjoying the warm sun. That boy loves the sunshine!

I wish we would have had some of this sunshine today. I practically had to throw him out the door in the snow this morning to get him to go potty! Such a prissy little thing–he hates to get his paws wet!

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Daisy Baby

I have been going through pictures of Daisy today looking for pictures to put in my scrapbook of her, so I thought I would share some here. She was so tiny when we got her but had such a round little belly–adorable! Almost makes me want to get another puppy!

I have a zillion more pictures I could post, but I guess I should stop. Sorry to those of you who have seen these before, but we have lots of new friends (especially pug friends) who might like them!

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I’m a Big Kid Now!

I did something yesterday that I have never done before–I went skiing all by myself! Through a series of events, I had the day off Friday and nothing to do. I hated to waste a free weekday, and Jason was sick, so I went skiing by myself. While it was not as fun as being with someone, it wasn’t too bad. I went to Winter Park for the first time. It was pretty good, but I think I like Copper better. Plus, the drive over Berthoud Pass makes me a little nervous, but it went well. The day started out nice–sunny and warm–and then a front moved in, so I left early to beat the snow. But all in all, a good day!

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Winter Wonderland!

Well, it is back to winter in the beautiful state of Colorado. It snowed all afternoon and evening yesterday, and a couple inches stuck! It is beautiful but treacherous. Last night, we headed down to Centennial for a church devo. Not only did it take us an hour each way there and back, we saw five or six accidents on the highways! We decided to go home back roads, which were much safer. Hopefully we wll have safe driving today! Hope everyone has a good week!

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Who Knew???

Jason and I took a little trip to Cherry Creek Mall tonight, and I made a great discovery–Gap has dog clothes! They have little Gap hoodies and striped polo shirts for dogs in a variety of colors! I can’t wait to buy them for the pugs–maybe that will be their birthday gifts in a few months.

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