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Glen Eyrie castle

We have just arrived home from an incredible place! This weekend was our annual Marriage Retreat at church. It was held this year at Glen Eyrie, a real castle right outside of Colorado Springs. It was built in the early-1900s and was just amazing!

We stayed in the Castle Room 201, which was actually the bedroom of General Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs and the original owner/builder of the castle. It was so fun and so exciting to be in such a cool place with so much history. We slept in the same bed he did and even used his shower! It was a real claw-foot bathtub with a funky little shower system. It was a wonderful place, and I hope we are able to visit again in the future!


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Let It Snow!

Our friends, Matt and Amy, came to visit this weekend! They live in Seattle, and Matt was Jason’s best friend throughout their childhood until now. We had a great time and are taking reservations for our next guests!

We headed up to the mountains this weekend for a fun-filled ski weekend. We stayed in a condo at Copper Mountain, and it was so fun! I really improved my skiing abilities and am almost ready for the blue runs! We had really great, sunny weather (although it was VERY cold) and good snow.

They headed back to Seattle today so it is just us again. But look at the beautiful scenery we were able to see. I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

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Boring, boring

Our life has been pretty boring so not much excitement to post. I am certainly not complaining, however. With moving and the holidays and all, life has held a little too much excitment in recent months. But things have been slow lately and we are loving it. Don’t get me wrong, there is still lots of work to do on the house. But we needed a break so are just enjoying ourselves!

A few days before New Year’s we went to the Denver Zoo Lights. It was pretty fun (cold, though). We got to see some animals but most were already gone to bed inside their warm homes. I am looking forward to going back in the spring so we can see all of the animals. I love the zoo!

We also took our first ski day this past weekend! Saturday we left our house around 6:30 a.m. and headed to Copper Mountain! It was a great ski day–the weather was beautiful and I was totally sweaty by the end of our time there. I felt so rusty and out of practice when we started but felt much better with a few runs under my belt. We have some friends coming from Seattle next weekend, so we’ll all spend some time skiing.

Hope everyone is well and you are having a great 2006! May it be blessed!!!

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